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ITL, the number one in B to C list rental

The number of unique prospect lists and the volume of rents prove that ITL is France's leading list broker for private addresses. We provide B to C prospect data solutions to meet requirements as far as qualification and legislation.

A wealth of experience in mailing list rental

ITL is above all a company where we grow actions and acts, rather than announcement effects or
empty promises.

fichier de prospection

Our philosophy can be summed up in three words: Res Non Verba ... results, not words!

Or: "Why complicate matters when they are so simple?

A recipe with three basic ingredients: :
1. A good offer
2. A good message
3. Good addresses
It is no more and no less the secret to the success of distance selling and direct marketing

Experts in prospecting mailing lists

At ITL, we chose to do one thing and do it to the very best of our abilities: it is to provide you with the best postal lists for your prospective mail acquisition and multi-channel campaigns.

After 36 of experience in list rental on either side of the market (media planning for advertisers, mail order company, list broker) and 29 of which he has been at the head of ITL, Paul Adam has acquired accuracy and precision in developing list and media plans. It is at the image of this precision that he formed a team recognized as a leader.

Vigorous explorers

On average, every fortnight ITL places a new customer list on the market .

ITL is at the origin of the method that segments and qualifies lists according to the behaviour of B
to C buyers, confirming to the "CRM/PA" method:

  • C Consumption (for which product?)
  • R Reaction (what type of offer?)
  • M How to Buy (DS mailing, catalog, e-commerce, store, shows...?)

Through this method it is possible to weight each mailing list or segment contained in the prospective custom file, not only on historical criteria or on the essential RFM (Recency Frequency amount ) but also on the behavioural profile of one single population, in the same database. For instance, for the same product there are purchasers that respond to values (solidity, region, reputation ...) and bounty hunters that respond to promotions only..

A specialized group

ITL and its subsidiary ITL Bordeaux Atlantic, are part of the group PADAM, which is dedicated to the provision of services intended for direct marketing activities.

Background history

1984 - Creation of ITL

1987 - Arrival of Paul ADAM

1988 - Integration in the group Eurodirect Marketing (listed on the second market)

2004 - Purchase by Padam Group

2010 - Creation of ITL Atlantic in partnership with KOBA


ITL sales in 2013 : 9.2 M€

Team: 15 staff members

Where to find us

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ITL - 13 rue du Canal 67203 OBERSCHAEFFOLSHEIM | TEL: +33(0)3 88 77 48 58 - FAX: +33(0)3 88 77 48 55 |
Une société d’ITL Groupe, Data Solutions depuis 1984