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Package insert program

How does it work?

Package insert consists in inserting advertisers that promote your business, in mail-order companies packages.

The main advantage of package insert is that you can reach online buyers for certain. It also enables you to target consumers buying behaviour according to the type of products they purchase (consignees).

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6 practical rules for successful package insert programs

  1. Please contact us before creating new messages. Indeed, compared to addressed deliveries, package mailing (or package insert) do not have the same design constraints.
  2. Contact us to know and respect the maximum size and weight. They may vary depending on the medium chosen.
  3. Make your provisional reservation as soon as possible. Make sure to anticipate at least a delay of 6 weeks between the order and the beginning of package insert, knowing that some media are designed to package or group inserts prior to insertion..
  4. It is essential to respect the date of delivery stipulated in the program. Apart from the process cancellation, in case of delay, the media may involve missed benefits due to unoptimized space.
  5. Codify systematically all inserts and give us the "pub codes" correlation tables: periods, quantity, medium and, in case of split-testing, the model or the version.
  6. Ask your printer to only deliver documents on exchangeable "Euro-pallets" and to respect the technical specifications that will be forwarded to you upon confirmation of the package insert (pallets load, filming, handles, loading dock, in-store open hours for package admission, etc ...).

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