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How are lists processed?

Le traitement de votre fichier clientITL's IT department is made up of five people dedicated to custom lists processing.

Our service is able to respond to any problem you could meet when managing your mailing lists.

Problem: postal addresses validity and quality

Whether your mailing list is composed of young people or people over 50, it naturally decreases in value due to population migration and mortality. Therefore, at first, it is necessary to constantly regenerate your lists via regeneration processing, and secondly clean the "return to sender". Removing those old data from your files can be done upstream of dispatching, by marking each person that moved or even by looking for the new address. La Poste (mail service of France) estimates the rate of items that could not be delivered because of incomplete or incorrect addresses at one third of the whole. Therefore, you have to ensure that your addresses are qualified, either correcting them on a regular basis thanks to automatic data processing or in real time when typing.

Our solution: RNVP (Restructuring, Standardization and automatic checking)

The expertise ITL offers you enable to:

  • position correctly the addresses according to the AFNOR standard (French national organization for standardization)
  • check addresses accuracy in comparison with mail references. All of this thanks to a tool approved by the Service National de l'Adresse (service that aims at improving postal files)
  • mark the segments of customers that had moved and provide you with the new address

Problem: duplicate entries in mailing lists

Sending the same message to the same person repeatedly has two adverse effects: the first one is the unnecessary additional cost (double printing, double postage) and the second one is that you could give a bad image to your company in the eyes of prospective customers or clients. The removal of those entries must be defined rigorously both for internal and external files.

Our solution: deduping process

ITL makes its experience in custom lists deduping available for you, thanks to internal methods
and the possibility to tailor arrangements to meet your needs.

Problem: missing information

The custom or mailing list you just bought does not contain information such as title or phone number?

Our solution: enrichment

If you do not have the telephone number or if you want to validate it, ITL offers as well the possibility to enrich mailing lists asking the leading telecom provider for additional information. This will also confirm whether the person still lives at the address that appears on the file.

ITL offers you a new service for email appending too.

Important issue: maintain your prospective customer list

Marketing and finance

  • Improve rate of return
  • Reduce customer cost per acquisition
  • Increase the margin eliminating cost overruns


  • Have a clean and reliable database at your disposal.
  • Reduce the processing time
  • Minimise the risk of error


  • Reduce the number of prints
  • Reduce logistic flows including "return to sender"



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