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Mailing list hosting service

serveurITL proposes to take on the technical work of your mailing list rental.
This includes management and preparation:

  • restructuring
  • standardization
  • list deduping

but also:

  • list selection
  • deliveries
  • backups

Mailing list integration

2 or 3 times a year, we will ask you to send us a new version of your lists. It will then be:

  • restructured
  • standardized to comply with postal standards
  • deduped in order to limit the number of addresses to one per household
  • cleaned, removing addresses that appear in the Robinson list
  • possibly supplemented with further information like phone number

For the customers files you entrust to us in exclusivity, the whole process detailed above is free of charge. We will return them to you at a preferential tariff.

Further treatments for your mailing lists

Adding and retrieving information

During each update process, we will complete the original address with the items that may be missing:

  • title depending on the name (separation between NAME / SURNAME if necessary)
  • a code to distinguish men and women
  • an evaluation of age by first name scoring, if the date of birth is unknown
  • the elements that might have disappeared after updates
  • a marker that differentiates new addresses
  • if need be, we mark as well addresses you want to rent on special order.

Data security

Traditional address data processing are supplemented by data security procedures:

  • rates are calculated and compared with each other to detect the most of inconsistencies
  • a search is carried out on each address in order to spot inappropriate expressions that could make them inadequate for rental (such as inappropriate comments about customers)
  • titles are corrected according to the first name
  • dates are validated and corrected

Then, the information is processed and a double backup is carried out to ensure the security of your file. Besides, should the main server crash, the server Oracle (that hosts your files) is supported by a standby server to ensure the recovery of the system in less than one hour. So there is no chance to miss the opportunity to rent out a list because of technical problems.

List count

A count does not necessarily result in an order . Whatever the number of list count you need, you will not be charged. The tool we offer enable us to record all counts and save them for further use like extraction responding to specific criteria. Thus, it ensures excellent responsiveness, probably the best one in the profession.

It is easy to extract counts that detail the number of addresses per region, per postal code or INSEE code (INSEE = French National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies).

Numerous selection criteria depend on the information you provide us. These should include at least, apart from the address, the recency (date of last order for customers and date of creation for prospects).

List selection

Select a sample of addresses within a list may seem easy, but selecting them at random is not
enough. Our system enables to:

  • select in priority addresses that are less extracted from the list and respect the selection criteria
  • mark addresses used for exclusion or re-utilization, simply by giving the count number or the count order
  • ensure an equal geographical spread, representative of the selection
  • determine and request a specific quantity for each department or each postal code

One of our main concerns is the selection process safety. That is why we seed mailing lists. It means that we place addresses in each extraction in order to trace and control their use, and ensure that list renters don't use them illegally. You would like to seed your lists with addresses of your choice? No problem: we will configure our tool so that it automatically adds your addresses in the selection process.

Mailing lists delivery

We carry out deliveries in a secure manner either by using the best encryption software or by transmitting lists through our extranet, which is secured and encrypted.

The use of a single delivery format enables providers not to bother you with structural problems. Of course, we systematically send a delivery order and the structure of the list in question.

Those procedures have been shared and honed for many years. They always change to comply
with the new applications of our customers.


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